The reusable protective mask made in Switzerland!


What is the Swiss Mask?

The SwissMask is the story of Carouge merchants who decided to transform their sewing workshop into a workshop for the manufacture of masks made of Made in Switzerland fabric, in the form of a non-profit association. The Swiss Mask, a reusable, triple-layer, fleece fabric that protects and calls to order, was born!

Reusable Fabric Mask

Machine washable at 95° C

Mechanical protection

Limiting saliva splashes from/to the wearer

Invented in Geneva

In a secure workshop in Carouge

Composition of Masks

  • Machine washable at 95° C (or boil in a pan) and reusable.

  • Made of triple-layer anti-projection fleece

⚠️Le Swissmask offers a mechanical barrier that limits the projection of saliva from/to the wearer and is not an alternative to the health safety regulations in force in the user's country at the time of use of the product. The SwissMask is not yet officially certified - which is why you use it at your own risk.

Composition Des Masks
Support The Project!

Support the Project!

Currently, the production of SwissMask masks is limited. This production is no longer sufficient to cover the current demand for masks. That is why we need your help to obtain public support from the State / Confederation to develop a large-scale production of masks to meet the needs of the Swiss population. A precise plan of action to launch a large-scale production has already been established!

We need your support to draw the attention of public authorities to our project:

How to use your Mask

⚠️ Wearing the Mask does not exempt you from observing all the health and safety regulations imposed by the FOPH. We recommend that you change the Mask every 4 hours / as soon as it is wet.

1. Put on the mask
  • Hold the Mask by the rubber bands
  • The two red stripes indicate the front of the Mask.
2. Adjusting the height
  • Put the wide part down
  • Tie the Mask behind the ears so that it doesn't move.
3. Adjust the tightness around the nose
  • Adjust the metal rod around the nose so that the Mask follows the shape of the face.
  • Do not touch the surfaces of the Mask

After use

4. Put the Mask in a box
  • Remove the Mask by the rubber bands
  • Disinfecting your hands
5. Wash the Mask
  • In the washing machine at 95° C
  • Boil for 15 minutes
6. Allow the mask to dry
  • In the oven at 80 degrees for 25 minutes
  • On a radiator

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